DIAS Aluminium office in Victoria
DIAS Head Office in Victoria
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Established in 1986, DIAS Aluminium Products Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company which has established a national reputation for being leaders in the design, acquisition, distribution and marketing of Aluminium extrusions and components used for the manufacture and assembly of Shower Screens, Wardrobe Door Systems and associated products including Mirror Framing Systems, Louvre and Slat Fencing Systems.

DIAS has experienced strong growth since commencing operations in Victoria in 1986. Since that time DIAS has undergone an expansion program, establishing warehouse distribution and sales branches in Moorebank, NSW; Canning Vale, WA and Arundel QLD with head office located in Noble Park North, VIC. DIAS currently employs forty personnel nationally.

Our commitment to deliver customer service is second-to-none. Recognition and appreciation of customer needs combined with longer-term market trend development resulting from a proactive approach to product development. Implementation of extensive marketing campaigns, which maximise customer product and service awareness.

DIAS prides itself on its ability to successfully service over 1000 distributors and fabricators nationally and internationally. We have in place the necessary checks and balances to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. We understand the demands of our industry and support our customers with traditional customer service.

DIAS continually strives to ensure that customers have the best products available and continue to invest heavily on research and development. As a reflection of commitment to excellence in product design and customer service DIAS is the holder of multiple Australian Design Awards for both Shower Screens and Wardrobe Door products.

DIAS also ranks highly and on several occasions has been included in the top 10 Australian Companies ranked by intensity of holders of Design Registration and Trade Mark Registrations. DIAS is also active in patent application where appropriate.

As many suppliers become increasingly reliant on imported product, DIAS remains passionate in its support of Australian Manufacturing is committed to supplying only Australian made extrusions.

Our long term commitment and ongoing support has assisted in the establishment of EPA (Extrusion Profiles Australia) and APA (Aluminium Profiles Australia). Both companies are recognised as the largest and most technically advanced extrusion and finishing plants in the Southern Hemisphere.

DIAS heads into the future with many well-established and reputable brands. DIAS will continue to be innovative in its approach with new and technologically superior products being developed to service the needs of our market segment. Our ability to provide unique customer solutions will ensure continued growth whilst we maintain our commitment to Australian manufacturing, reinforcing our position as market leader in the Shower Screen and Wardrobe Door Systems Industry.